Bring your space to life with our range of affordable furniture and decor; whatever your interior design aesthetic may be. We put you first by fostering deep relationships with our clients, that allow us to assist you in shaping your ideal living and working space. Our pieces make your space feel effortlessly elegant, yet comfortable to live in. Enjoy an unequalled experience in choosing stylish, quality furniture you can afford.


Beautiful detailing and immaculate craftsmanship are standout features of our furniture. By finding a delicate balance between elegance and comfort, we’ve found the perfect way to allow them to make your space feel luxurious.


Our furniture is expertly crafted by the most experienced craftsmen, who take the utmost care in manufacturing the best quality pieces.

Quality Materials

Lifestyle Home crafts all of its furniture from the best locally sourced materials. Choose from our range of wide range of upholstery to give your piece that unique aesthetic touch, you’ve been looking for.

So you know how some online stores give you so much choice that you feel overwhelmed because you might choose the wrong product? At lifestyle-home we like to solve problems and have come up with a solution. We are a curated marketplace – where we help you make the right choice by hand picking the best suppliers that are able to provide in-demand products at the lowest prices. Giving you the confidence to shop knowing that all offers are of the highest quality and the lowest cost.

We’re a community, and try to foster this by encouraging our users to interact with each other by commenting and reviewing products. This also helps us to weed out products that don’t comply with our standards and high levels of product quality. Once you’ve become a part of our family (it’s as easy as signing up) let us know what you like and we could take a stab at getting it for you; and we’ll have it here in a flash! We’ve partnered with some of the best local and international suppliers that are able to source and ship goods globally on demand – it doesn’t get any better than that.  


Nationwide Delivery

We only mess with the best in the business! So we only saw it fit to partner with the one of the leading courier services in the world, FedEx, to ensure that we get your orders to you in time. We are fully integrated with FedEx – this means that you will have unparalleled insight into when your package will be delivered.

Dedicated Customer Service

At lifestyle-home expect the most dedicated and reliable customer service agents in the game! Implementing a multichannel service strategy – through web; email & socials – allows us to bring the service to you by resolving your issues wherever you may query them. If you want fast answers and quick explanations take a look at our FAQ’s – it is filled with hints and tips that will help you navigate the site and lifestyle-home processes. Customer service operation hours Mon-Fri : 08:00 – 17:00.

Secure Payments

We support all your banking needs, boasting five safe a secure payment methods! If you’re worried about online security, no need to stress – we’ve got the highest level of web security. All your financial data is secured with end-to-end encryption technology and strict vetting process for all payment methods when payments are being made.

Hassle-Free Returns Process

If you’re not too sure about your order, don’t stress, you can request a return in one easy click! We’ve developed a quick and easy returns process that avoids all the red tape involved with returns processes. Just remember to have a look at our returns policy – to ensure that your item is covered by our policy – before you request a return for an item.lifestyleffff