The government’s decision to implement level 4 regulations has been made with the motive of keeping people safe amidst the Covid-19 crisis. For that reason, and with the safety of our teams and customers in mind, we fully support this precautionary measure. The government has permitted the sale of all products online & therefore our customers can now enjoy browsing through all products on our website.

 Pricing Of Products

At Grabitall we will try our best to maintain market related prices. The cost of goods is dependent on the supply, and therefore prices may fluctuate.   

 Delivery & Sanitation Precautions

If you’re worried about our delivery process; don’t sweat it, we’ve got your back! We have ensured that strict sanitation guidelines are followed at our warehouse:

    • Relocated to a more secure controlled environment
    • Taken hygienic sanitisation measures within our warehouse space 
    • All stock is located at our current storage facility, minimising the exchange of hands during the delivery process. 

We also implemented hygiene processes that minimized the transmission of any bacteria, such as: 

    • All office employees have been working from home and will continue to operate remotely until further notice. 
    • Sanitisation points have been set up at specific areas in the Grabitall warehouse and employees have been given clear instructions to sanitise their hands often.  
    • Our courier partner, Fedex, has implemented similar employee sanitisation protocols and procedures; and you can learn more about it on

 Once you have received your Grabitall package, please make sure to adequately sanitise the outer packaging, before bringing the package inside your home, to ensure that no harmful bacteria enters your space.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by dropping us an email at

Updated: 30/03/2020