Zoey Kiddies Play Couch

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The Zoey Kiddies Modular Couch can be reconfigured a hundred different ways. Today, kids might rebuild it to become a tent for exploring the Amazon rainforest.

Tomorrow, each piece can be restructured for pretending to fish for elusive bluefin tuna in the North Atlantic. As the years fly by, teens will think of it as a comfy spot to socialize, eat messy foods and watch TV.

The Zoey is a great value because it will endure many exciting adventures, then transition into a favourite hang-out spot.

Turn it into chairs from a modular sofa, easily convert the sofa into two chairs and back into a sofa again.

The Kiddies modular play couch is made up of four foam pieces (base, cushion, and two triangle supportive pillows), covered in a velvet/ suede fabric cover in the colour of your choice.

Modular – The Zoey Kiddies Modular Sofa can be used as a couch, a cushion, or a mattress. It is easy to set up and reconfigure and arrives assembled and ready to use.

Washable – The plush velvet/ suede cover is removable and washable so that you can keep the sofa looking fresh and clean for years of fun use.

The multi play couch made up of four foam pieces:

Sturdy base
Softer cushion
Two triangle pillows

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